IFDNRG advertising campaign hosting

Hosting for Design Agencies / Advertising Campaigns

IFDNRG are a trusted hosting provider for handling online advertising campaigns. We've worked with some of the biggest UK agencies on critical briefs which typically have requirements such as:

  • Campaigns must have guaranteed uptime.
  • Campaigns must be able to take extremely heavy and concentrated load.
  • Campaigns must be viewable globally
  • Campaigns must be high performance
  • Campaigns must have excellent statistics and reporting

Campaign Scalability

We can offer hosting on our clustered platform to offer both scalability up to extremely high traffic levels and robustness.

We have handled some extremely busy events such as broadcasting the Scottish Cup, simultaneously with the North West 200 motorbike race.

Email Campaigns

We offer everything you need to handle your lists from a powerful web interface.

Promoting your products or services by e-mail can be a powerful and flexible form of direct marketing. You can communicate cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner within a wide demographic. You can also tailor your message groups to specific types of customer more efficiently than paper-based marketing.

Our system incorporates bounce handlers that will report your successful and bounced mail statistics. Most importantly we supply you with the bounce failure reason, so that you can keep your mailing list up to date and only include addresses that are still valid.

Tried, Tested and Trusted Expertise

We have hosted advertising campaigns (and events) for some of the worlds largest brands including: