Experienced and Expert Web Hosting

IFDNRG has over 20 years of experience hosting websites and webservices and our expertise and unique blend of services has attracted a diverse range of clients including some of the worlds largest brands.

We offer an entire range of flexible hosting options including great value high quality shared hosting, but are specialists in providing bespoke managed hosting solutions for clients with the highest standards.


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Secure UK Business Webhost

Businesses need secure, reliable and fast webhosting with responsive support staff. Our secure business webhosting packages give you the flexability and reliability you need at a sensible price.

Web hosting expertise

Unlike many hosts who rely on pre bought management tools, (or worse, rely on their cloud providers to handle updates and configurations), our extensive knowledge of server systems has been earned by building up our own systems and tools.

This means that if something goes wrong with an update or similar we have the experience and skills to fix it at source rather than depending on any third parties.

We really do know how this stuff works!

Design Agency Hosting

We specialise in providing fully managed servers for agencies who want to know that all the effort they put into building their sites, gets matched by the hosting solution.

Design agency hosting is a key part of our business and we specialise in having the flexibility for short, critical and high volume campaigns.

  • you do the cool design ( you noticed we do li's as dots?)
  • we look after the stable, secure and redundant) hosting
  • ... happy clients with great design and stable hosting

We can manage your clients websites on shared or dedicated hardware

High Performance Web hosting

From our background as a streaming provider we don't skimp at all on web server performance. All servers are high specification machines and have ample RAM for optimal performance.

If budget is a concern then our shared hosting machines are high spec and not overly crowded, but for optimal performance you should consider one of our award winning dedicated servers

Hosting Location

Despite data centers springing up all over the UK, location is still very important if network performance is important to your website. As IFDNRG servers are on our own PI space on the backbone of the internet, your site will outperform the majority of hosts in the UK (if not the world).

Developer Friendly Hosting

As developers ourselves we know how preferable it is to be able to set your own environment. If you need Python, Rails, MySQL replications, whatever you need, just let us know.

Managed FreeBSD Hosting

Our platform is largely based on the reliability, security and stability of FreeBSD. FreeBSD hosting offers rock solid performance and allows us to easily manage racks full of servers, keeping everything up to date, secure and fast.

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