IFDNRG Datacenter

Secure UK Webhost

Secure webhosting is paramount to our operation and we implement security measures at every level in order to secure both servers and websites.

Chroot jails

All shared hosts are completely locked down using chroot jails at both the ftp and http layer. This means that every host is completely compartmentalised and that any intrusion into a given website is limited to that website.

Dynamic Firewalls

All our servers are protected by dynamic firewalls which adjust to unauthorised access attempts. Client access is granted via secure ftp and/or ssh.

Secure Operating systems

We only host on ultra secure and hardened and continually updated FreeBSD servers. We monitor all service ports on every server via our control panels 24/7, this also allows us to monitor whether security upgrade patches are required for any given server as soon as it is available.